Every member of the Matta Blair, PLC firm has extensive expertise and experience in the area of insurance defense, whether defending claims against insureds, litigating coverage issues, providing advice and opinions on claims not yet in suit or in successfully resolving claims. Together, we have over 100 years’ experience handling such legal work.

Once a claim is in suit, Matta Blair attorneys are experienced and skillful at litigating and resolving them. They have extensive experience in litigating almost every type of insurance defense claim, including:

·       Commercial Policies

·       Construction Accidents and Coverages

·       Product Liability

·       Employment

·       Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)

·       Whistleblowers’ Act

·       Municipal Liability

·       Open Meetings Act

·       Constitutional Deprivations

·       Defamation

·       Class Actions

·       Property

·       Automobile

·       Homeowners

·       Environmental

·       Pollution

·       Mold

·       No-Fault

·       Subrogation Actions

·       Uninsured / Underinsured Motorist Claims

·       Analysis of Policy Coverages and Exclusions

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