Real Estate Litigation

We combine the skills of experienced commercial trial lawyers and seasoned transactional attorneys to provide a full range of real estate related services.  We aggressively defend title companies and their insureds, and efficiently solve a wide variety of title problems through thorough investigation, creative negotiation, and skillful trial advocacy.  We also advise and defend Realtors® in lawsuits, arbitration hearings, disciplinary proceedings, and licensing actions. We counsel and represent title agencies, lenders, appraisers, surveyors, builders, developers, and other professionals in the real estate industry on the complex laws and agreements affecting their businesses.  From planning and acquisition through construction and closing, we provide knowledgeable, insightful, and cost-effective advice, document preparation, negotiation, and due diligence support for buyers and sellers of commercial and residential property, municipalities and various types of businesses.

We have successfully prosecuted and defended hundreds of civil actions involving interests in real property and businesses. We have obtained multi-million dollar verdicts, and we have also favorably settled complex claims throughout Michigan, in state, federal and bankruptcy courts.  Our expertise includes:

  •    Quiet title actions
  •    Boundary disputes/adverse possession/acquiescence/surveyor errors/easements
  •    Mortgage Foreclosures/Priorities/Construction liens
  •    Complex contract/Commercial Leasing disputes
  •    Forgery and fraud
  •    Shareholder/Partnership/Joint Ownership disputes